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Slate Belt Rising is a program of Community Action Lehigh Valley. The CACLV has numerous resources to help you with anything from small business loans to home weatherization. To find out more about our partners, visit

Rising Tide Community Loan Fund

The goal of RTCLF is to support prospective start-up and established small businesses whose risk factors make it difficult to obtain funds from traditional lenders, but who inevitably make up the backbone of a thriving local economy. Established in 2001, Rising Tide’s mission is and has always been to identify small business and community development credit needs that stifle the creation of economic opportunity in low-to-moderate-income communities of the Lehigh Valley and to meet those needs with affordable credit products.

For additional information visit


Community Action Homes partners with local municipalities to improve the quality of the affordable housing stock in the Lehigh Valley through a comprehensive housing revitalization strategy. This strategy includes the following tools: the acquisition of houses, rehabilitation of those houses for resale to eligible buyers, rehab of owner-occupied homes, and façade improvements. Our Housing Counseling program, Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust subsidiary, and Weatherization program are all part of Community Action Homes.



The Weatherization program provides Residential Weatherization Services and Energy Assistance Services. For additional information please call (610) 691-5620 or visit our Housing webpage.


Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program

Housing Counselors provide assistance to homeowners at risk of losing their home to a sheriff’s sale – a foreclosure diversion program in the civil division of the Court of Common Pleas in Lehigh and Northampton Counties. Housing counselors meet with homeowners to prepare them for a Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Conference held in civil court. The Housing Counselor reviews loan documents and assists the homeowner explore options available which include bringing mortgage current, paying off mortgage, proposing a repayment plan, request a loan modification, etc. A proposal is developed to address the mortgage delinquency and is presented to the lender’s attorney prior to the conciliation. This conference is attended by the lender, lender’s attorney, a pro bono attorney representing the homeowner (Northampton County only), the homeowner, and the housing counselor.

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