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The mission of Slate Belt Rising (SBR), a program of Community Action Lehigh Valley, is to galvanize the boroughs of Wind Gap, Pen Argyl, Bangor, and Portland to capitalize on their shared heritage and traditions, the natural beauty of the Slate Belt, and the commercial potential provided by the proximity to major roadways in order to increase economic opportunity in the region, reduce poverty, eliminate blight, and improve the overall quality of life.

SBR will work toward five major inter-connected objectives to revitalize the Slate Belt’s boroughs of Bangor, Wind Gap, Pen Argyl, and Portland. These comprehensive priority areas include:

  • Vibrant Economic Climate

  • Regional Cooperation

  • Neighborhoods and Housing

  • Youth Engagement

  • Sustainable Slate Belt Rising



Slate Belt Rising (SBR) is a neighborhood revitalization initiative designed to integrate and capitalize on the substantial assets of the individual Slate Belt communities. By leveraging the unique history, architecture, and culture of each municipality into a regional approach, SBR will use a Neighborhood Partnership Plan to foster comprehensive community and economic development.


While SBR specifically targets the boroughs of Bangor, Wind Gap, Pen Argyl, and Portland, some initiatives promote development and the coordination of services for the entire region. The SBR Steering Committee includes representatives from each participating borough, borough residents, Northampton County Department of Community & Economic Development, CACLV, corporate funders, state legislators, and committee chairs from SBR’s working committees.


Vincent Behe.jpg

Vincent Behe

Prior to moving into his director role in June 2022, Vincent was the Planner for Slate Belt Rising, assisting with program planning, fund development, and contract compliance. He is a lifelong Lehigh Valley resident and attended Lehigh University, obtaining both a BA in History and an MA in Environmental Policy. Vincent looks forward to inspiring others and sparking an enthusiasm for community service as he works with community partners and the great people of the Slate Belt to execute the new plan. 

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